How to Remove DRM protection/Encryption from Downloaded Songs in Saavn Pro Officially


  • Saavn App with Pro Account
  • Root Explorer or any other file manager
  • Reading capabilities to read instructions below
  • Common sense to follow those instructions

So Let’s Get started,


If you will download song it will be available offline but you will not be able to listen in any other music player and PC music player will also be not able to play those songs all because of DRM PROTECTION/ENCRYPTED SONGS


All downloaded songs are encrypted and that encryption key is only possessed by saavn’s developers who can decrypt offline songs.  When you play any song from Saavn App it decrypts the song file so that app can play it in offline mode too.

  1. We assume that you already have installed Saavn App with PRO account
  2. Now GO ONLINE in the app and download the song you want to. Once download will be completed there will be GREEN ” ✅ “.
  3. Now start to play that song and let it play for few minutes.
  4. While playing song open your file manager and navigate to path /sdcard/Android/Data/ folder.
  5. There will be a file named “curr.mp3″ now copy this file to any other folder (i.e./sdcard/music/)
  6. And now any other 3rd Party player like PowerAmp / Google Music  will be able to play those songs and if you will copy these songs to PC VLC will also be able to play them
  7. Enjoy


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