Use Google Drive to host your Gmail signature

To add an image into your Gmail signature you need it to be hosted, either on a web server or – using this tip – on a Google Drive account.

Google Drive is a great place to store important company images, one of which should be your company logo. This tip shows you how you can then add your logo – or any other image – to your signature.


Host your image on Google Drive

  • Log in to your Google Drive account
  • Create a folder, name it Signature or something more suitable
  • Select the folder and click on the Sharing button; set the folder visibility to Public and the access to anyone can view
  • Open your folder and upload your image, or add an existing one to the folder. The image will take on the Public visibility.
  • Copy the folder’s ID from the address bar, and build up the URL to include the folder ID and the image name, like this: Clear.png

Set up your signature

  • Open Gmail, click on the cog and choose Settings
  • Paste in the image URL we built above and your company logo should appear in the box next to Web address URL, click OK
  • You should now see your logo in your signature
  • Scroll down to the bottom and save your settings
  • Send yourself or a colleague an email to test it has worked!

Top Tip: You can also use the above tip to host any image or file on Google Drive, including HTML files.


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