Resume IDM Downloads from another Computer

This is especially useful for people downloading BIG files.

There are a couple of reasons why you’d find this helpful. I personally like this because I go to the office where I have a work (desktop) PC and I have my own personal laptop at home. This means I could effortlessly pause & continue any of my downloads (from office to home and vice-versa) 24/7!!!

To achieve this, you need:
a download manager (most popular and my personal best choice, IDM) installed on both computers.
a resume-capable download/file.

Now, on to the “HOW TO…”

*For reference, let’s name our sample file as DOWNLOAD. (this file is partially downloaded only)

1. Open IDM on the computer with the partial download.

2. Go to “Tasks” menu, choose “Export”, then choose “To IDM export file”.

3. Save the file on a thumb drive.

4. Next, copy the partially downloaded data of DOWNLOAD to your thumb drive. To check where IDM stores dowloaded file parts, click “Options” button, then go to “Save to” tab.

5. (Note: Enable “Show hidden files and folders” in Folder Options first.) Navigate to that directory (C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\IDM) and go further down to “Dwnldata” folder then “*your username*” folder. You should now see DOWNLOAD folder which contains all the partial data you need. Copy and paste ALL the contents of this folder to your thumb drive.

6. Go to the other computer and plug your thumb drive. Open IDM then go to “Tasks” menu and choose “Import”, then choose “From IDM export file”. Choose the file (*.ef2) you created in Step 1.

7. Resume DOWNLOAD. Wait for a few seconds and let the progress bar fill up. Then pause it.

8. Go to C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\IDM\Dwnldata\*your username*\DOWNLOAD.

9. Delete all the files inside the DOWNLOAD folder and replace them with the files you got from Step 5.

10. Resume the download process again and it will start from where it has previously left off on the other computer.

This principle of “pausing a download process and resuming it on another computer” is very similar with resuming torrents on other computers (specifically uTorrent).



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