How to Download Any Video By Just Playing it Once

Playing any Online videos takes a lot of time to download on some of your slower connections and so loading a video once, may take up few minutes and when you realize that you liked the video and want to download it, you will need to start the hectic Download process from the beginning which again will make you to wait till the whole video is Downloaded again.So what if you just played a video in Youtube,Metacafe or any other website and you just need to copy the played video onto your computer without the need of downloading it again.Well there is a simple solution that requires you to install a tiny software that will help you to search the browser cache where the video is stored in the temporary directory and you will need to just save the copy of the cache video file onto your hard disk to view it offline.You can even do this without the tool,but this software helps you to easily identify and help you to save the files easier and faster.
So just follow the simple steps to know how to install the software and how the tool works..
Step 1
In order for you to easily identify the videos in the browser cache files in the temporary directory, download a software called Video Cache View from the link provided and install the software.
This software helps you to identify the video files out of the temporary files stored in the cache, as the file names will not always be stored in their actual extensions and rather will be in the .tmp or some other file extension.The software helps you to identify the video by a preview by playing it, then it will rename the video file while saving it to the hard disk.
Step 2
Play any video file in your browser from any website.Now open Video Cache View and refresh it to find the temporary video files list.

Step 3
Confirm the video you wanted to copy to the Hard disk by playing any selected video from the cache.Once you find your video, just right click on the file and select ‘Copy selected files to’ and type in the file name to save the file.
Now goto the location of the folder you saved the file and you will find a flv file ready to be played offline and for you to enjoy the video.
If you would like to share any tips or softwares that you think is useful, or if you have any queries about this article, then let us know by your comments.Cheers..:D


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