How to Send Gmail Messages with Personalized Sender Names

By default gmail messages are sent having your name as sender name. But you can change gmail sender name settings to send gmail messages with your own Personalized sender names. We know that Gmail is the most used Free Email web service on the internet.

Gmail provides vast number of great gmail features. Like you can add your own personalized sender names in gmail messages and you can receive all the emails reply by receiver in different gmail account. This can be very helpful to personalize your all outgoing gmail messages.

For example you can add Admin, HelpDesk text as sender name in your all outgoing emails for your blog communication with readers. You can specify different gmail address to receive all the reply given by receivers. You will be explained to send gmail messages with your own personalized sender names as explained below: –


Simple Steps to use Personalized Sender names in Gmail Outgoing messages

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Go to wrench icon given on right hand side menu. Click on Settings.
  • Go to Accounts and Import tab. You will see Send mail as line. Click on edit info given besides the Send Mail as line.
  • You will see a pop up edit email address settings window as shown in below image.


  • Put your customer sender name which your want to include in all outgoing gmail messages. Also put your other gmail account where you want to receive incoming gmail messages from receivers in Reply to address column.
  • Save Changes.

Now you can test this gmail feature. Just send a email from your gmail account. The receiver will receive your gmail messages with Personalized sender name. Also if he will try to reply you, message will be sent to other email address as specified by you.

So take advantage of this great gmail feature to send all outgoing gmail messages with your own Personalized sender names.

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