How to send Big Data Files Online without any Registration

Want to send big or large files by email to your known person online ? If your answer to this question is yes, you can use online free service given below without any registration to share or send big data files. In the Modern digital age, we all interact with different data files. Sometimes we want to share some important data with other users online. Our conventional Email services provide some features to send data files online. But they allow sending files having only limited size. So what to do for sending big files to your distant known person.

For this purpose you can use alternate  free online service named Largefilesasap. Which allow to send files having size up to 2GB. This service can be used free of cost and there is No need of Registration to use this service. Just you have to complete a simple form having Email address of the recipient, Email address of sender, subject and message of sender to recipient.

After entering this information, just click on send button in second step. In third step, just upload file which you want to send.  And press send. You will get a confirmation message displaying the confirmation that your file has been delivered.


Recipient will get a Email containing Download link of sent file. Recipient can simply download file from this Link. Keep in mind, this download link can be used to download file only four times.

This service has excellent upload and download speed. Besides this, it is totally free to use.

So enjoy big data files by sharing with your friends or colleagues.

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