How to install Windows XP or Windows 7 Fast in just 10 minutes

Win XP Logo
Windows XP was one of The fastest, Reliable and most used ever Operating System from Microsoft. Even now (After expiration of Windows XP) Millions of people use Windows XP, and the trick that i am going to post today is one of the most asked tricks from me… That is “How to install Windows XP Faster?”, Even yesterday night one of my friend gave me a rang to know about this trick (name of my friend in mentioned in the end of this post), So for all those people who still use Win XP, Here is the Trick:

  1. Start your PC and Choose boot from CD
  2. Press any Key when it asks
    You will see a Blue screen that shows “Windows is Loading Files”. Wait until all files are loaded.
  3. When it Finishes Loading, you will a number of Drives there, Choose the drive in which you want to install Windows XP.
  4. Format the Partition according to your Choice, choose whatever you want, Fat32 or NTFS, Normal Formatting or Quick Formatting
  5. After Formatting Hard-drive Partition, Setup will Start Copying files. After copying all required files, Your system will reboot
  6. After rebooting your PC choose normal boot i.e Boot from Harddisk.
  7. Windows Boot Screen will show up, After that you will get a screen where it takes 39 minutes to complete the installation

    Now, This is the place where you have apply the trick

  8. When it Shows “39 Minutes to Complete the installation, Quickly press Shift+F10 button on your keyboard. It will open Command Prompt
  9. Now type “taskmgr.exe” in Command Prompt windows, This will open Task manager.
  10. In Task Manager, Click on “Process” tab. Where you will find a number of running programs
  11. Find “Setup.exe” in all those Programs, Right Click on it, And then click on it and then go to Setup.exe -> Set Priority –> and click on High.

That’s it, All done, Now your OS will install much faster then before (Maybe it will take Less then 20 mins…).


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