How to Download YouTube Videos with VLC Media Player

Want to download YouTube videos ? Here is simple method to download YouTube videos without any external software but using only VLC media player. You can save these YouTube videos to your computer in full high definition. We all know that YouTube provides vast source of video related to all topics in full HD quality. Although You can watch YouTube videos in full HD online. But sometimes you like a video and want to download that video on your computer so that you can watch it later. For this purpose, Their are many software, downloader and web services are available to download YouTube videos. But most of these software comes with an expiry date. You need to purchase these software after trail period is over. Besides, online web services available to download YouTube videos have also some shortcomings like, Downloaded videos have lower quality, Slow downloads etc.

But here we are going to discuss simple trick to download YouTube videos by just using popular VLC media player with faster speeds. Most of the users know about ultimate popular software VLC media player having some great features as explained in our earlier article.

VLC media player has also a great feature to stream videos online. This feature can be used to download YouTube videos in full HD.

Simple trick to download YouTube videos:-

  • Copy the URL of YouTube video which you want to download. Copy the URL up to the URL part as shown in below image.


  • Open VLC media player on your computer.
  • Go to Media >> Open Network Stream or you can also press Ctrl+N to open required window.

download YouTube videos

  • Paste the YouTube video URL here and click on Play button on bottom side.

download youtube videos from url

  • Now YouTube videos will start to play in VLC media player. while playing YouTube video in VLC media player. Go to Tools >> Media Information. This will open Media information window.
  • Copy the location of video from above window opened as shown in below image:


  • Open any browser preferably Google chrome and paste the location of video copied from earlier step in address bar.
  • This will open that particular YouTube in your browser. While playing this video in browser, right click on video and select Save Video as option to save YouTube video at desired location.
  • In other browsers except Google chrome, you need to add file extension like mp4, flv, mpeg after file name while saving YouTube video.

Now your favorite YouTube video will start to download at desired location. You can watch downloaded YouTube video after download completes.

So in this way, you will be able to download YouTube videos direct to your computer without using any web services but using only VLC media player in full HD. Don’t forgot to share this nice trick to download YouTube videos with your friends.

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