How To Convert audio and video file format using VLC player

You can use VLC player as a converter to convert all audio and video file format from one another. VLC is a top most widely used media player. It has gained vast popularity due to its compatibility of playing almost all video and audio file format. In this article we will explain how to use VLC player as a audio and video converter to convert videos and audio file format like .ps, .ts, .mpg, .ogg, .asf, mp4, .mov, MP3, .wav, .raw, flv etc.

Step 1 – Open VLC media player on your computer. Navigate in menu bar to Media >> Convert/Save. Alternatively you can open required window directly by pressing CTRL+R.


Step 2 – Now you can add video which you want to convert to other file format by different ways.

You can add media file from hard disc of your computer.

add media file to convert

  • Go to File >> Add
  • Browse the media file which you want to convert.
  • You can add media file from disc.
  • Also you can add media file from DVD, audio CD, SVCD/VCD disc which you want to convert in anther file format.
  • You have another option to open any media file from the internet which you want to convert. Go toNetwork >> Type the URL of video which you want to convert. for example if you want to convert a YouTube video to another file format. Just paste the URL of video here.
  • You can also capture media file audio or video from other sources like your computer webcam, TV Tuner video etc.

Step 3 – After adding media file to VLC converter by any one of ways given above, just select Convertfrom the drop down list as shown in below image.

convert videos and audio

Step 4 – Browse the destination location where you want to save converted video or audio file. While browsing destination location, don’t forgot to add extension of output file just after the file name. As i want to obtain output file in .mpg format. so i have added .mpg just after file name newvideo. Finally pressStart.

use vlc as a video and audio converter

Now VLC media player will start to convert media file to new file format. Besides this VLC provides full options to customize new media output to its fullest. Just after it completes you can open new file from the destination location set by you in the desired format.

In this way you can convert  media files whether audio or video to desired formats by using VLC player. You don’t need to download or purchase other video or audio file format converter. You can use VLC media player as a audio and video file format converter. This method can also be applied to extract audio in mp3 or other file format from any video file. Just select destination file having .mp3 extension. The audio from that particular video will be extracted. So this time use VLC media player to its fullest.

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