Mozilla Firefox 3D page view plugin

This 3D visualization add-on has been preliminarily reviewed by Mozilla. But it will only work for systems that support the hardware accelerated WebGL technology. Mine does not, so I couldn’t try it out. Tilt, going by the description on the Mozilla page, creates a 3D visualization of a webpage. Apart from the fun element, it might not be very useful for viewing webpages. When it comes to online games playable within a browser, it could really catch the appeal. As it hasn’t been completely reviewed, there could be bugs in the 3D rendering add-on. If your hardware supports WebGL technology, do drop a line on the performance of the add-on.

What’s your take on 3D browsing? How would you like to use it? Do you think it will be just eye-candy for general browsing or a game changer? Let us know.

Click here to download this plugin


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