Java Tamil Mobile Bible Font Embedded Version

This is font embedded version, it works in all mobile phones which supports Java.
Tamil Mobile Bible is completely free of cost. You can download it freely and you can redistribute freely.

Please do not make money out of this application. You got it freely, distribute it freely. Let the “Word Of God” reaches corners of the world.

Word Of God says, “Freely you have received, freely give – Matthew 10:8”.

Whole Bible as One Application
Download as Jar | Zip
Whole Bible as Splitted into 5 Applications
Download Part 1 as Jar | Zip
Download Part 2 as Jar | Zip
Download Part 3 as Jar | Zip
Download Part 4 as Jar | Zip
Download Part 5 as Jar | Zip
Download All Parts as Zip
Whole Bible as Splitted into Individual Books
Download All Books as Zip
Installation Procedure:
  • Download the jar file
  • Copy the file to your memory chip or your phone memory
  • Add the memory chip to your mobile
  • Open the file added to your mobile
  • Thats it


  • This application uses “font embedded” format of Bible, so it is necessary to have java support in your mobile
  • If you dont have java support in your mobile, this application will not work

Note: This information is taken from


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