How to Download Android Apps APK to PC from Google Play

Google Play or the then called Android Market does not give a method to Download Android Apps APK file to your PC. You may need this for Backup purposes or if your Android Phone does not have an Internet Connection.

Though you can backup APK files from your phone using Titanium Backup (Root)/ES File Manager/Astro File Manager/MyBackup still you might need to have APK on your PC for various purposes and its tedious to download the app on your Android then transfer it to your PC. So this tutorial will show you how to download android app apk from android market or google play to your PC.

Update 26-08-2012

There is a standalone application that can easily download APK files from Google play without any modifications to your Browsers etc. Here are the steps to use the Real APK Leecher.

Step 1. Download the Real APK Leecher from here [Link].

Step 2. Extract the Zip file and Open the the ‘Real APK Leecher.exe’.

Step 3. You will be presented with a Settings Screen. Enter your Email and Password of the Google Play account.

Step 4. Find the Device ID by following the Help Box below the screen.

Step 5. Choose the language and the folder to Download the APK files to. Click Save.

Step 6. Search for the Android App and right click the app on the result > “Download this app“.



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